Celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day: What’s New in the Industry?

Celebrated on February 23, Canada’s Agriculture Day brings attention to our agri-food industry. Although it was launched five years ago as a day of celebration for farmers, now it brings together all industry representatives – those who share the pride of growing and producing food across Canada. It is a special day for TrustBIX because it raises awareness of the challenges facing the sector and spreads the values we cherish: creating a world where we trust more, waste less, and reward sustainable behaviour. In this blog, we will explore the latest agri-food news and events that took place this week.

Food Systems Dialogues

We were honoured to see one of our team members invited to participate in one of the Food Systems Dialogues organized by the Arrell Food Institute. Deborah Wilson, our Chief Industry Engagement Officer, joined a group of varied stakeholders representing the food sector to take part in the “Fostering Collaboration” Dialogue where everyone shared their voice, experience, and perspective on how to make the transition towards more sustainable food systems.

“It is always exciting and insightful to participate in any of the Arrell Food Institute’s events, whether online or in person. To sit at the table with a diverse and knowledgeable group of discussants promotes the collaboration and sharing of knowledge that is critical to advancement in the development of the Canadian performance index for agri-food production and processing. Sustainability and Data continue to dominate discussions – how, why and what that means in not only the Canadian context but globally.” – Deborah Wilson

sustainable food systems

Food Systems Dialogues serve as a forum for industry stakeholders to come together and share their perspectives about the current state of food systems, the way they affect the global community, and how to improve them to create a better world for future generations. Food Systems Dialogues are being held around the globe and are an essential component of the upcoming United Nations Food Systems Summit. The ideas and suggestions generated during these dialogues will convey the Canadian perspective and contribute to shaping the UN Summit process and agenda.

Two more Dialogues will be held in the upcoming weeks to discuss concrete actions needed to shape the change towards more robust, equitable, and sustainable food systems.  

"Everyone at the Table": Creating Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council

On February 19, during the first Food System Dialogue, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, announced the membership of the Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council, a central component of the Food Policy for Canada. The Council now includes 23 experts from all over Canada who have the knowledge and experience to bring diverse social, environmental, and health perspectives to the table to find feasible ways to address food system challenges. Evan Fraser, Director of the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph, has been appointed as one of the co-chairs of the Council.

Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council

The purpose of the Council is to advise the Minister on fundamental and burning food-related issues that matter most to Canadians. The Council's first meeting is scheduled for March 4, 2021. It will cover both current action items and small steps leading to achieving overarching goals that include introducing sustainable food system practices, improving food-related health outcomes, and more.

TrustBIX team is delighted to see how the industry is heading in the right direction. We do our best to work with agile focus and adopt and develop advanced technologies in the fields of Strategic Sourcing and Clean Tech, establishing and maintaining Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. Our ViewTrack team keeps supporting the livestock industry by developing industry-leading solutions for farmers and processors, feedlots and auction markets.